Furniture Store

furniture store

Our mission is to provide an exceptional product with quality service at an affordable price. Not only do we aim to assist our customers with their household needs but we also strive to keep cost affordable without accumulating large amounts of debt.

As community partners, our goal is to ease the process of purchasing house held staples such as appliances and furniture, by keeping them affordable and standing behind our product.If you're looking for a furniture store in Atlanta, GA, Own It Inc is the only name you can rely on. With our furniture financing, we know you'll be more than pleased with the product.

Our mattress store is unmatched and you always get value for the price. We offer a great deal in refurbished bunk beds because you deserve nothing less. Let us know what you need in twin bunk beds and if you have any questions about our sofa sets, don't hesitate to ask. For bedroom sets, contact us today.